Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
August 21, 2019
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General News: Notes from the Village Board Work Session

December 12, 2018

Work Session 12/10/18
By Casey Regenbaum

Comprehensive Plan Presentation:
Led Klodsky gave a presentation about the upcoming comprehensive plan. The good news is they have gotten a lot of work done, but there is still a large amount of effort required before the comprehensive plan draft is finished. They would like input from the public to weave into the plan. A professional planner may be needed to provide the raw personnel hours needed to finish this.
Mayor Coyne talked about applying for a grant that is made for comprehensive plans. Multiple public hearings are expected, and the committee would like to have a planner ready early next year. Led believes that once a planner is engaged, the committee expects it to take four to five months to complete, possibly next fall.

Public Hearing:
On December 17th, there will be a public hearing to address the Tax Levy Cap Override as well as to accept the O.C Multi-jurisdictional hazard mitigation plan update.

Building Department:
The DB mart was supposed to have the empty water tank removed last week, but it is now set to be removed Tuesday morning. The dirt will be removed as well. On Thursday they will have more scheduling for the restoration of the tanks and installation of pumps and a canopy.

Fire Company:
Santa will be coming through town December 22nd.

Police Department:
The chief of police met with Chief Hazard to discuss gun safety within households to avoid accidental injuries or death. It is possible that there will be a forum in February where both chiefs will speak.

Public Works Department:
The Tree Lighting was very successful. The committee discussed the possibility of a new sidewalk machine for snow this winter.

Water Department:
The aqueduct is expected to remain off until the end of January.

2019-20 Budget:
There will be some some changes made to the draft and it will be available to the public this Monday. The Mayor would like to hear feedback from the public, so there will be a public hearing on January 14th, 2019.
Holiday Tree Lighting:
The annual holiday tree lighting was held on December 2nd was very successful. The Storm King School was there an hour before to set up, and people were singing and dancing prior to the lighting as well. The Cross Country and football teams were there on floats as well.

Employee Holiday Gathering:
The Employee Holiday Gathering will be held Friday, December 14th.

Rt. 94/Jackson Avenue Traffic Light: 2019 Installation
After an extremely long discussion, there will finally be a traffic light installed next year at the Rt. 94/ Jackson Avenue intersection.

Employee Handbook:
The handbook will include the harassment policy and the sexual conduct. It will be very comprehensive. The policy on sexual conduct will require two training sessions as well.

CCHS Football and Cross Country State Champs:
The mayor expressed how much pride these athletes brought to so many people in Cornwall. It is a tremendous feeling. He also thanked Nicole Gold for organizing a fan bus to Syracuse, as well as the impromptu parade through the town. Great job to all other teams who had success as well.


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