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October 21, 2018
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General News: Notes from the Town Board Work Session

Michael Summerfield showed a watercolor print of the 9w Highway looking north from West Point at the Work Session November 6th.
Michael Summerfield showed a watercolor print of the 9w Highway looking north from West Point at the Work Session November 6th.
November 13, 2017

Work session Meeting 11/6/17
By Hannah Comitz

Cable Franchise Agreement:
The board agreed that the terms of the agreement are standard. Cornwall has the 2nd Utility Pole law, so it was suggested that a clause be added to abide by the Utility Pole law. This is an issue currently because the cable franchise does not want to be bound by the law. A member suggested to leave the clause out and only reference it so they an move forward and approve it in December. A member wanted to add to the agreement that payments should be quarterly and also mention that the franchise should comply with whatever laws exist. The board will proceed under the existing franchise agreement until a new one is enacted.

Consolidate Deed for Town Hall Property:
The board wants to make the descriptions describe what the town currently owns. This deed should be done around December.

Proposed Historic Museum Building - Ad Hoc Group and Agreement with Cornwall Historical Society:
On December 17th the board will review the letters received regarding this group.

Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Letter Re: Acquisition of Land:
The organization wants to acquire about 46 more acres of land off of Mineral Springs road. The transfer of land is between the Orange County land trusts. The request was granted and acknowledged.

Cornwall Lions Club Wreath and Rope Sale:
The sale will take place the last week in November and a few weeks in December. They sold out early last year, so the sale may not go 4 weeks this year. Make sure you go buy early!

Farmer Market/ Holiday Vendor Event:
The board showed interest in having a one time holiday craft market. This would possibly be mixed with the farmers market at Munger Cottage to make the event bigger with a larger turn out in December.

Eagle Scout Service Project:
Max King expanded an outdoor gathering area where he put a new flag pole and planted new plants. The board wanted to say thank you for improving the community.

OCTC- Pedestrian Safety Action Plan:
The board is speaking to the county and there is a webinar on this topic soon. The board indicated that they will be interested in improving the town roads, and wanted to pull interested counties together. The board can then apply for grants to improve pedestrian safety on Willow Ave and on Main Street.

Police Department No Shave November:
Some of the police officers are not shaving as a war to raise donations for cancer research.

Intermunicipal Agreement- Dog Control Services:
The board had discussions with Humane societies of Walden, and said they can go with that humane society. It’s $500 anual and $100 per dog. Walden is less expensive and will work this out so the hours work for everyone involved. This way all areas can work together so police don’t have to leave Cornwall. The Chief from Crawford is also happy with the Walden shelter.

Mutual Aid for Supplemental Police Assistance Agreement:
A board member said having this agreement in place “prepares us for events we don’t want to think about.” It also clarifies a chain of command. This isn’t in place yet and as of right now, the board wants to read through it. The Orange County is facilitating the agreement but not a part of it because they have jurisdiction everywhere.

BDL Water Corp Performance Bond:
Beaver Dam Lake is upgrading the water system to make sure performance is accurate. The board will monitor that and put it on the agenda for next week.

Town Hall- Masonry Repair:
An engineer put the quote out to a few contractors. The board wanted to try to get the quote out and find a price under $35,000. They hope to get the work done before winter.
Appointments: Basketball Staff:
The board approved basketball referees for the 2017-2018 boys basketball games at the high school.

Special Meeting:
These projects and resolutions are time sensitive so the board felt it was necessary to put these issues on the agenda.

Shore Road STP- Change Order No. 2 Blue Heron Construction:
This change order will save the town $58,000 on the project. The change was clearly approved.

Construction Contract- Munger Handicap Accessibility Project:
The engineer modified the job specification because the bids were too high initially. The board wants this work done before winter. The project will be around $36,000. There was a motion to allow an asphalt ramp with concrete curbing.

Hazardous Tree- Clinton Street:
The Tree Warden examined the 23' dead tree and found that the tree is a danger to the public and should be removed as soon as possible. The removal was approved and they accepted the $400 quote from New York Tree Masters.

Comp Alliance Letter- Right to Not Renew:
Sending letter to Comp Alliance that says the board wants the right not to renew. This ensures the town will not be penalized.


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