Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
October 21, 2018
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General News: Corn Estate 10th Anniversary

A Quinn pup at the haunted house
A Quinn pup at the haunted house
Russell Dreher and Charlie Quinn
Russell Dreher and Charlie Quinn
The Corn Estate 10th Season 2
The Corn Estate 10th Season 3
Come visit the Corn Estate
Come visit the Corn Estate
The Corn Estate 10th Season 1
October 26, 2017

Corn Estate 10th Anniversary
By Hannah Comitz

What are the age ranges of the actors?
Russell Dreher responded that the actors are from ages 17-dead. He stayed in the Halloween spirit saying “we will include the dead if willing.”

What age group is the haunted house meant for?
The haunted house is meant for people of all ages. As long as you enjoy a good scare, this haunted house is fun for the whole family.

How many actors are involved?
12-15 actors and possibly more are taking part in the haunted house. Russell laughed while saying he “wants to know how many people soil themselves, because it will be kept track of so the actors get a bonus.” Even if the soiling part is a joke all the actors will try there best to scare the public. They all will put their great haunting skills to the test this Saturday and on Halloween.
A few actors have even went on to have large roles in the entertainment industry.
Roberto Serrini took part in the Corn Estate Haunted House a few years ago. He has directed multiple videos, commercial and movies. He has directed Nike commercials, and is currently working on multiple Honda Gold Wing commercials. These longer commercials are shown on YouTube and played at the Honda dealerships.
Chris Sullivan was also a Corn Estate actor. He is a very talented and went on to play many roles. He stars currently in “This Is Us” as Toby and was famous for being the hump day camel in the Gieco commercials. He is in many Off Broadway shows and has been in a few Broadway plays. He also played a bad guy in the second “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Russel joked saying that “our haunt training paid off.”

How many people per group?
There will be a four to five maximum of people per tour group in order to keep the scary atmosphere.

What is the cost?
Admission is free, however there is a $10 recommended donation for the Cornwall On Hudson firehouse. Russell emphasized to “come early and come often to donate a lot.” The firehouse appreciates any donations and is excited to have this event running again. The owner of the house, Charlie Quinn is a member of the firehouse and is excited about this event.

What are the dates and times?
The haunted house does tours on Saturday the 28th and on Halloween. Make sure to bring donations while trick or treating. The tours are from 7pm-9pm. Margret Quinn will also have refreshments and snacks for those waiting to be scared.

What is the theme and who picked it?
It is the 10th anniversary of the Corn Estate Haunted House, so the theme is haunted birthday party. The party is complete with candles and of course a clown.

Why the haunted house?
Two years ago the firehouse sustained significant flooding in the usual haunted house location. Repairs have limited the basements use as a haunted house. Because this is such a beneficial event for the firehouse Charlie Quinn, Margaret Quinn and Russell Dreher all decided to do the haunted house up the road at the Quinn’s residents. Charlie, Margaret and Russell all went to college together. There they put together a haunted house in a rented a house. So after they heard that the haunted house was not going to happen again they decided to take matters into their own hands.

What’s is like having your house transformed?
Charlie Quinn said that “It’s all in good fun.” Even though their entire living area has turned into a haunted house they are still extremely excited for the event. Although their two dogs are a little weary of the decorations.

Past Haunted Houses:
Visit for previous years haunted houses. There you can watch videos of the haunted houses and see numerous pictures.

Come and Support:
Make sure you come out 55 Duncan Avenue in Cornwall on Hudson to support the local fire department.


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