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June 23, 2018
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General News: Notes from the Village Board Meeting

August 28, 2017

Village Board of Trustees Meeting 08/21/17
By Hannah Comitz

Zombie Utility Poles:
Schmidt says he is "happy to see them come down." David Carnright agreed that he is looking forward to the new and better product and ready to "clean up the poles."
Mayor Coyne says he's been working on this for some time and is excited to see a move on this issue. He also said thanks to the efforts of Central Hudson. The Village adopted a local law to remove the double utility poles.

Accessory Apartments (An Accessory Apartment (sometimes called an in-law apartment) is a separate independent dwelling unit installed as part of a single-family home, converting the home into two units.):
Mary Aspen addressed the board saying that she hopes the voting on these accessory Apartments will not take place tonight. The board says that there are many things to discuss before actions are taken.
Aspen's questions and worries include:

"Will you limit the number of cars as it relates to the accessory apartment sites?"
Schmidt agrees that is a good concern for traffic in the area.

"Has there been any limit of the number of accessory Apartments permitted per neighborhood?"
The board said they can not discriminate one property to the next. If a law allows someone to have these apartment you can not limit someone else's right.
"If a house with an apartment is sold, will the permit for the apartment be reviewed before transferred to new owner?"

"Any renewal fees for permits that the village is collecting?"

Coyne thanks the attorney for the village, for his work and asked if any comments about the accessory apartments. The attorney said since there has been some controversy they will review the accessory apartment law and wait to get reviewed by the county.

The topics was closed Closed but allows public written comments within 14 days.

Coyne said Thank you for the thank you notes on the Band Stand and the Cornwall Cheerleading car wash.

Warrant #8 Change:
Warrant #8 looks different because a new system is being used. This is the first warrant that is changed.

A New Way to Pay Taxes:
Many showed interest in bringing credit cards to pay bills, and the village clerk has proposed possible agencies that will allow this and it will be reviewed next month.

July 2017 Firehouse:
43 events were attended. Boat 416 is out of service. There has been much activity during the last week. The board finalized a local rebuild of the motor, which allowed them to stay in budget. The firehouse requested to auction off the old Chief car, which was granted. This month the fire company participated in a mutual aid drill at West Point.

Condolences to police Chief Hazard for the passing of his mother.
Moment of silence for the passing of old Chief Rick Douglass.
Police will promote someone to detective to fill a vacancy. Thank will provide leadership if the chief unavailable and follow up on crimes.

Public Works:
Paving of Duncan avenue is currently on hold. September 5th is projected start date due to weather because of the wet spring. Will get paved as quick as possible afterwards.
There has only been one bid on repaving ADA school sidewalk. Want to get paving done before the start of school. The job was given to the only bidder, so it can improve safety for children.
20 year term agreement for the NYSDOT permit was signed.
Water Department used 858,000 gallons daily.

Summer Recreation Program-
Need to adjust pay for counselors in the paperwork. Payment must be brought up to minimum wage so change needed to be made. Counselors were paid correct amount.
Block Parties- Pine Street Block Party was approved and the Duncan ave Block Party was approved, subject to road paving.

Trike-a-Thon- Request to approve Trike-a-thon to hold on municipal lot next to Cornwall-on-Hudson elementary school on September 30th in the morning. They were approved for Village Hall parking lot instead depending on reasoning for other location.

Work Place Violence:
Work place violence prevention this week on Wednesday at 10am and next week on Tuesday at 7pm. Another training date will be looked into for the future.

Public hearings were on Tuesday and Wednesday and Mayor Coyne made limited remarks, mainly on the counties having meters on their sewers. Vote taking place on September 9th

Comprehensive Plan Committee:
The meeting will be 8/24/17

Summer Recreation Program:
Mayor thanks the organizers and everyone involved in the program. Many positive comments were made.

Riverfront Committee:
Discussed the possible revitalization of this committee. This is an important place to the village and hopes to make it the best it can be.

Safety Committee:
Make recommendations for members of this committee to meet the requirements.

Cornwall Varsity Swim team carwash this Saturday from 1-4.

Condolences to the Douglass family and their loss.


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