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June 22, 2018
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General News: Notes from the Town Board Work Session

August 17, 2017

Work Session August 14th 2017
By Hannah Comitz

Treasurer Report:
There is a working phone system now. Thanks was given to the clerk for fixing it because it was in rough shape for a time.

Fire Department:
Long Island asked if the fire department can stand by while at a parade. This occurs a lot while one department is unavailable. The village is looking farther to see if money is available to get a better and newer boat motor for the fire rescue boat. Due to the promotion of the riverfront and the traffic on the river, the boat is well worth it. It was agreed that a better motor is important due to the urgency of rescues.

Recently awarded money from the Traffic Safety committee for their efforts of keeping the public safe.

Public Works:
Waiting for word on asphalt for Duncan avenue to start paving. Also considering other roads that need repair if money allows. Unfortunately these paving projects might not be done before the start of school.

Workplace Violence Training Dates:
Wednesday, July 23th 10am at village hall
Tuesday, July 29th at 7pm

Zombie Utility Poles:
Will be discussed at public hearing on Monday.

Accessory Apartments:
Will be discussed at public hearing on Monday.

Has to be finalized and will not be ready by next Monday, but will be done in a couple weeks. Goal is to vote on September 18th.

KJ hearings on Tuesday and Wednesday. Mayor is conflicted on whether or not to speak. Village has been asked to join the lawsuit, and they have. The mayor feels that the town should see the lawsuit through.
One lawsuit was not held together because private and public funds can't be mixed. September 3rd is when voting will be taken place. Because KJ is not transparent it was difficult to foresee the well situation. Mayor feels this is something the county needs to stand up and talk about.

LED Street Lighting Project:
There will most likely be a joint meeting between the village and the town to discuss this sometime in the fall, most likely a Monday night. There are somethings not public yet that are slowing this process that could potentially be beneficial.

Summer Recreation Center:
Camp was a success this year! There were four fantastic trips this summer. Counselors worked hard to keep the kids engaged and the remind app was used to keep everyone notified.

Movies on Hudson:
Next movie is the Goonies, which will be moved down to the other side of the park so it dies not interfere with the yahat club's celebration. There is discussion of an adult movie for fundraising wth the PTA. September 16th is being considered for the next movie night.

Riverfront Committee:
Considering other types of activities that can liven up the river front. Talk of a pavilion and kayak racks are being considered.

Graswald Decision:
She is guilty of "something" and has been in jail for three years. Board says they were surprised but do not know specific details. Town was not mentioned in the paper which the board agreed was a good thing.

Pine Street Block Party:
On September 9th

Quiet Zone:
CSX Crossing
Skoufis offering money to study limiting horn blowing of trains. Upgraded gates and safety precautions would be expensive.

2020 Census:
Information is already being gathered for this.

Upcoming weddings in October, that are held at the gazebo, are going to be discussed at next meeting.

Condolences to Erik Huber's family, he was known as a great barber and policeman, and will be missed.
Also the sickening event that occurred in Charlottesville was discussed.


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