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May 23, 2018
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General News: Mr. Esposito

Photo by Hannah Comitz. Mr. Esposito.
Photo by Hannah Comitz. Mr. Esposito.
June 08, 2017

Mr. Esposito

Retiring After Three Decades of Commitment and Dedication
By Hannah Comitz

This year marks the final year for Mr. Esposito's 30 year teaching career. He has effected hundreds of students during his time at Cornwall High School, instilling a profound love for music in a variety of students. He helped inspire many to foster and grow their interest in music. Mr. E, as most of the school calls him, has taught many students about music. A junior named Emily Krumm said Mr. E has deeply impacted her musical experience by teaching her more about her instrument, and about music in general that she never knew before. Numerous amounts of his students continued on to perform in multiple high school productions. Emily also recalled that Mr. E got her "involved in pit band which was a great experience." Students from all social groups can agree that Mr. Esposito's love for music improved their high school experience. Emily Krumm mentioned that Mr. Esposito's "willingness to accept all people and work patiently with everyone added to his character and made him such a great teacher." He reminded them that music has the capability to brighten up even the gloomiest mid-winter days. Mr. E is known for his comic personality. Emily shared that "he always knows how to cheer up his students through his hilarious sense of humor." Mr. Esposito's dynamic personality made music much more enjoyable for the students who were fortunate enough to take his class.

Many students agree that Mr. Esposito made the school a warm joyful place to be, even during the most bitter cold days. A junior named Jackson Fedro said that Mr. Esposito was his "favorite teacher and he made a safe haven for anyone that needs a place to go." Mr Esposito stressed that above all he says the he will "miss the kids the most." Mr. Esposito will leave this school with hundreds of amazing memories that we will cherish once he leaves.

What Comes Next?

Mr. Esposito graciously decided that "it's just time" for the next part of his life. Although the Cornwall chapter of his life is coming to a close, he has plans to continue to pursue a life filled with music.
He excitedly exclaimed "of course" when questioned if music is involved in his future. He replied that he has plans to do "some playing and playing and some more playing." Even in a short amount of time with Mr. E, his humorous personality shines through. Mr. Esposito's uplifting energy will be missed in Cornwall. Jackson Fedro also stated that "everyone is very sad about him leaving and we will miss him so much." Mr. Esposito's obvious positive impact on students and adults alike is incomparable. The students and faculty of Cornwall Central High School wish him good luck in whatever he decides to pursue next.

As Mr. Esposito stated "I enjoyed my time here at Cornwall but now it's on to the next gig!"


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