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April 24, 2018
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General News: Conservation Easement for Black Rock Forest

April 30, 2017

From the Office of Assemblyman James Skoufis

Assemblyman Skoufis Helps Pass Earth Day Bills to Protect the Environment

Assemblyman James Skoufis (D-Woodbury) co-sponsored and helped pass a number of bills that were part of an Earth Day legislative package. Earth Day was April 22. The package includes a measure to amend the state constitution to affirm the right to clean air and water and a healthy environment (A.6279).

“Our water and land are precious resources that need to be preserved and protected for future generations,” said Skoufis. “We’ve unfortunately seen firsthand the damage contamination can do to our drinking water and soil, and we need to guard against any more incidents of this kind.”

Skoufis co-sponsored the Petroleum Storage Surety bill, which requires that the owners of crude oil storage facilities, vessels and railroads have in place financial surety in the event of an accident or spill (A.1773). The bill holds companies responsible for any pollution and cleanup that result from these accidents. He also co-sponsored a bill that seeks to reduce the amount of hazardous mercury that goes into the environment each year (A.2875).

“Oil spills can have devastating consequences for our communities,” said Skoufis. “We need to let these companies know we hold them responsible so that they will take every step necessary to prevent accidents and be able to pay if they do happen.”

The package also includes a measure requiring producers of primary batteries to register with the DEC and to establish a recycling plan for consumers (A.6280).

Skoufis also announced the significant preservation of open space in our Assembly District, made possible through the state’s Environmental Protection Fund. Skoufis fought for the fund’s continued investment in this year’s budget negotiations. Thousands of acres of forever-protected land will be added to the following areas:
  • a 3,777-acre conservation easement for Black Rock Forest;
  • 625 acres abutting the western side of Harriman State Park;
  • 416 acres adjacent to Schunnemunk Mountain State Park; and
  • the 353-acre Camp Addison Boyce Property in Stony Point.

These acquisitions are in addition to other recent gains such as the 398 acres added to Goosepond Mountain State Park in 2015, noted Skoufis.

“When it comes to protecting our environment, I’ll always be a fierce advocate,” said Skoufis. “Preserving our land and water for future generations is a trust I take very seriously.”


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